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Get Lippie

I recently discovered Bobbi Brown art sticks. Amazing! I’m a sucker for a lipstick. I’ve an entire box of them at home all varying degrees of pink and red. I can’t hack nude, it clashes awfully with my fake tan.

Currently I have two art sticks, Harlow Red & Dusty Pink. And I honestly think I will never need another lipstick in my whole life. This is kind of a lie. There’s no way I would ever bin my box of lippies. It might seem a subtle difference but Girl About Town tells a whole other story to Impassioned. I also love lipsticks with names, just numbers or codes are no fun. My favourite coral lippy is just a number and it hampers my affection for it somewhat.

Anyway, lipstick; the reason I love it - that little tube of colour can change a whole outfit. I’m not exaggerating. There’s this dress I have, its full of colour. I love it. I can wear it with loose curls and a rose pink lip for a soft girly look or I can pull my hair back, slick on a red lippie and look just a little bit sexy. That one of pop colour changes the whole outfit.

Even jeans and a t-shirt can be jazzed up with a bold pout, taking you from school run to fit mum in seconds. I do sometimes think the people at work wonder why I rock up with ruby red lips, but it’s a tried and tested way to wake up my face without much more effort. I used to be heavy on the eyeliner but since discovering my love of lipstick, I’ve laid off it and haven’t looked back. 

So this week’s tip is lipstick. Don’t be afraid to try bold colours and don’t rely on one style, mix it up. You can change the look and vibe of an outfit just by stepping up your lipstick game. Obviously, this can mean playing about with hair styles too or other accessories like bags and shoes, so you’re creating a whole ‘look’. You’ll get loads more mileage out of your go-to garments if you experiment with new ways to accessorise them. My favourite lipstick style? The colour clash; a soft pink dress and a bright red lip; gorgeous! 



Love clothes. Love putting an outfit together. But lately, I'm getting a bit bewildered by the constant pressure to have the latest looks regardless of your bank balance or the effect on the environment and to be honest, your self esteem; I mean it can't be good for us to always feel like we're not keeping up with the instafamouses. 

So this is just my little take on how to wear what you've already got, love it a bit more and not spend too much trying to nail every new trend. 

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