What's It All About?

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

It’s started to feel like there’s wave of fast fashion companies throwing new outfits at us every week. When I was 22 I’d think nothing of buying a new outfit for a night out (and I went out every week). But I’m 35 now with two children so that shit just won’t wash anymore. Not to mention I don’t get to go out all that often. I used to hate spending money on ‘day clothes’, now I hate it when I can’t see the value in a dress I’ll wear once. Anyway, I digress (I do that a lot). 

I wanted to start a blog because I’m sick of mailing lists and social media ads making me feel like I need to buy something new every goddamn day. You can absolutely wear what you’ve already got, add a few updates and still look blinding. 

I definitely spend more than is ‘necessary’ on clothes but I don’t spend a lot. I bloody love a bargain and still do my best to blag student discount. There’s always that one person in the group who gets asked ‘what shoes should I wear with this dress’. That’s me. The only things I’m properly good at are remembering words to songs, putting an outfit together and making Rocky Road. I’m an awkward hugger, cannot cook and intensely dislike talking about myself. 

So yeah, this is just a few ideas put together by a normal thirty-something wife and mum who would rather shorten her own jeans and risk ruining them than fork out for a pair that properly fit, and whose mates told her to give this a try. 

Read on for more fashion related waffle. 

*I also always wanted to work at a women’s magazine so this is a bit like that. Kind of.