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Why I love Pinterest

Updated: Jan 26

If you’ve not got Pinterest: get it. I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t have it but still… there may be some of you out there.

Pinterest is basically a big digital mood board. So you know when you were a kid and you cut pictures out of magazines and made collages (I know I’m not the only one who did this), well Pinterest has meant we can put down the scissors and pritt stick.

I’m not inventing the wheel here; I know they’ll be tons of people who already have their Pinterest boards bulging with inspo. But allow me to elaborate anyway.

So I use Pinterest to pin outfit ideas to, and also interiors, kids haircuts & cheese jokes, but as usual I digress. So if I see an outfit I like, be it on Instagram, shopping apps or on a celeb, I will pin a picture of the outfit and add it to my board. You can obviously use the saved collections option on Instagram too, but I can only add outfits from Insta into there, and ideas are everywhere!

The plan isn’t to go and buy whatever it is I’ve seen. I use it primarily as inspiration when I’ve hit a style wall and need some fresh ideas. I can guarantee that about 80% of what I have pinned can be recreated using my existing wardrobe. Granted, it won’t be identical, but who wants to rip off someone’s look anyway; you’ve always got to inject a little bit of yourself. 

At the moment there’s a photo on there of Dua Lipa in mid wash mom jeans with a red crop top and chunky black boots. I’ve got all of those things. I haven’t thought to put them together before. Hurrah, new outfit, no money spent. 

If I do pin something that I definitely don’t have; like the time I saw a H&M ad of some leopard cycling shorts and a neutral blazer, then I’ll keep it on there and try to track down something similar for as little as possible. I found the cycling shorts on the H&M app and added them to my saved items. Two weeks later they went in the sale for £4. Yessss! (Another tip; be patient)! Then I mooched through the sale section for a blazer and found a cream and beige one for £9. It wasn’t the one from the ad but who gives a shit. I’d ripped off an outfit I loved and only spent £13 in the process.

So yes, pin away. Not as an excuse to save stuff you’re going to splurge on, but as a way to add some heat to a wardrobe you thought had gone cold. If you think about how many clothes you own and the amount of outfit combos you could come up with, it’s no surprise you can’t think of, let alone remember, them all.

And if you absolutely have to have something you’ve seen then by all means upload it with a link. That way you can check back and see if it’s gone in the sale or wait for a discount code to come up. And if you haven’t got the will power for that? Then you needn’t bother with Pinterest, Klarna is clearly the app for you. 



Love clothes. Love putting an outfit together. But lately, I'm getting a bit bewildered by the constant pressure to have the latest looks regardless of your bank balance or the effect on the environment and to be honest, your self esteem; I mean it can't be good for us to always feel like we're not keeping up with the instafamouses. 

So this is just my little take on how to wear what you've already got, love it a bit more and not spend too much trying to nail every new trend. 

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